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Thread: Pollen Storage

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    Question Pollen Storage

    This coming year I am going to collect some pollen, I hope.

    My question is what is the best/proper method of processing and storage of pollen to be used as feed/patties in the fall.

    I understand that pollen looses it's potence if not handled correctly or to long.


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    Default Re: Pollen Storage

    Best of all is deep freeze.

    2nd best is to dry it. For commercial pollen production moisture is measured electronically, but for your own use at home it can be considered dry when the grains are hard enough to be difficult to crush between your fingers.

    You are correct it can deteriorate, it can go mouldy in just a few days if left in damp conditions at room temperature.
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    Couple methods of drying,

    Dehumidifier and a closet, takes a few days but it works.

    I use a dehydrator myself. Can not do as much pollen however it is a quicker. If you do not freeze or dehydrate it, it will mold quickly so keep an eye on it.

    I have heard of people drying in oven, however I dont know the temp and length of time.

    Once its dry I put my pollen into amber bags with twist ties. Just a something extra I do.


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