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    Default Bees working hard today

    Today was a warm beautiful day here in La, and my bees were in my Jap fig trees, (I think that's what they are called). These trees have clusters of white flowers and the blooms were covered with the bees getting the pollen. I put my syrup feeders back on all hives, and I think I'll just keep syrup to them till spring.

    In January, will start feeding patties that I have ready from Mann Lake. L.S.U. said wait till Jan to start them.



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    Default Re: Bees working hard today

    Got to 74 here yesterday. Bees drank over a gallon open feeding we dont have any blooms right now so I leave out feeders. Although I did find a dandelion the other day. Winter has not hit us to hard yet at least. I just worry that the hive will eat to much with it being this warm and no blooms.

    I too am going to leave feed on because I think they have eaten a lot more than I thought they would have by this time.

    Its going to be 55 today.


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