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    Thumbs Up Nw ohio starter position

    Ohio's Largest Honey producer is looking for someone to teach the business to and to help me out with 800+ hives. Starting with shop work since it is winter and I don't like the cold. Jobs includes cleaning up equipment, spraying syrup into frames, resetting hives for spring packages, etc.
    Looking for someone in the area that is young and really to work. Welling to teach you 30+ years of does and don't in the business the way I know it.
    I don't have housing so that is one reason I'm looking for local beginner.

    Pay is based on what you can do for me.(getting the job done fast and getting it done right)

    Bonus: I'm welling to help you set up a local bee yard and help you work them.

    My operation did a 190+lb APH. a 25 year best. This is a honey production operation ONLY. I don't move bees.

    If interested please email me at


    O/O Ron Householder

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    Re: Nw ohio starter position

    Position Filled!!!
    Thanks to all that applied.
    Might have a opening in extracting season for just seasonal work.


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