I have one hive with two hive bodies from a nuc I purchased in May. The bees are getting established and have seemed very healthy, as both hive bodies are loaded. Everything was good until the past few days. First, I have yellow jackets trying to take over. I put up an entrance reducer and reduced the entrance to about an inch. I put out yellow jacket traps (jars with jelly water) and monitor the hive daily. It has been very cold in Florida so I am not sure what to think. The bees are dropping brood out and young bees with "moth eaten" wings. The temperature was up yesterday so I opened it up and did the powdered sugar thing. I didn't see any mites on the bees but did not remove the frames to look at brood (because the yellow jackets were near.) Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I did some mite research and it seems like essential oils are good; however I have been using Honey B Healthy for about a month anyway (which I was going to stop using because I thought it was attracting the yellow jackets.) Any advise is welcome, I don't want to lose my hive. Thanks!