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Thread: Mice?

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    I just noticed a few mouse droppings on the sticky board under the bottom screen. With the weather getting colder, around 20 F tonight, I don't want to disturb the hive to look for mice. Any suggesrions? The bees are in the brood chamber with a medium super on top. Also top frames covered with newspaper and sugar.
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    Can you peek inside the entrance with a flashlight and see a nest? If so, sweep them out with a yardstick or something thin and long like that. Don't put a mouse guard on right away but go back again at some point and check to see if you got them all. Then put the guard on or otherwise block up the entrance.
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    with some help just tilt the hive forward popping the bottom board loose and see if there is anything there if the bees are clustered this wont hurt them.., but wear your suit just in case. Once cleaned put down and put on mouse guard.


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