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    Default how important is a Refractometer

    If I start selling some of my honey, how important is it to use a refractometer?


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    Default Re: how important is a Refractometer

    In my opinion not that important if you select frames that are 80-100% capped. Our club has a refractometer that members can loan out and each year I'll check a pail or two after extraction. Always have been below 18-19%. There is the possibility that the bees will cap honey that is above 19% or that the moisture content may rise in capped honey if the humidity goes way up and the bees can't keep the hive ventilated. I haven't had it happen though. Much of it goes back to you and how much uncapped honey you remove from the colony to extract.

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    Default Re: how important is a Refractometer

    I feel that a refractometer is cheap insurance to make sure your product is the best it can be. I use one for every harvest. I also believe that local conditions can have a big influence on whether you would benefit from using one. I can say that my spring crop can almost always be pulled with good results using the 80-90% capped rule of thumb. However, the summer crop (cotton honey) is a whole different matter. See below for my perspective on this subject.

    Look at:

    See my post (#18).

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    Default Re: how important is a Refractometer

    I think it depends on your climate. If you live in a humid climate it is probably well worth it. I've never owned one.
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