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    Default Not in my BEESWAX- I hope!

    I bought some raw extracted wax from Dadant Chico for the purpose of candle making. It definitely smells wrong when heated. I am going through my usual wax clean regime..using glass vessels; melt, pour water through, filter through tee shirts, harden, scrape clean, reheat pour water through, filter, harden, scrape clean and finally; heat and pour into moulds. I am only at stage one with the Dadant wax. The smell is less with the crud filtered off & I am not reusing any of this material either. But I am really worried; for my own health, for the health of anyone burning these candles IF I even use it that way now. I gave up “modern beekeeping” my third year back at it, six years ago. I rotate the brood wax ˝ box per year and super wax as needed. I am even concerned about the foundation, last year I let my bees draw their own. They built one side, worker, the opposite side, drone making it hard to control drones for varroa.
    Dadant in Hamilton said they pressure treat melted wax through diatomaceous earth which brings the Coumaphos below the Govt. ppm requirement, BUT IT IS STILL THERE! They gave no information as to the release of chemicals when used as candles. At this time, I am thinking of using it to make show models of the candles, but cannot do any production runs until I know they are safe for people to burn.
    How can I get the wax tested and has anyone else been down this road?? Sorry if this is redundant, I don’t have time to fritter away at the internet so haven’t even read this blog yet but found Dee A. Lusby’s writing via google.
    By the time I could finally log on here, Dadant said they'd take the wax back and refund my money.. Still doesn't help me for the gift show or holiday gifts!
    Clothianidin (product name “Poncho”) is also out there...
    Obviously, I have been in the urban beekeeping bubble too long, whining about 3 hives worth of bees sprayed with Raid!
    These persistent chemicals are real homeland terrors.

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    Default Re: Not in my BEESWAX- I hope!

    Check the for sale section. I just bought 25# of chemical free yellow wax from honey householder in Ohio. About $4.50 per pound, & nice wax.

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    Default Re: Not in my BEESWAX- I hope!

    I have wax from untreated bees for sale in San Mateo. $5.00 a lb.

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