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    Default Re: Sump, pump, filter or pail?

    We are going into the winter with 70 or so colonies. Hopefully we won't loose too many this winter and hope to expand to 100 or so next year.
    With this present setup, we can concentrate on extracting 15 to 20 supers at a time before we have to worry about bottling or drawing the honey off to store into 5 gallon buckets. Still trying to streamline the extraction process. Next, I plan on getting a larger bottling tank and a motorized uncapper.

    I do sell a good amount of raw or unprocessed honey. We just run that honey right out of the extractor into 5 gallon buckets, strain through our cappings basket, settle over-night, skim the top of the honey and bottle. I have a great clientele that love our raw honey with a little wax floating on the top.
    Good luck next year. I hope you will be able to expand to your goal of 50 colonies soon.

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    Default Re: Sump, pump, filter or pail?

    Thanks for your good wishes... And you're right, this winter is probably a concern for most of us, hoping we've done enough to prepare the hives, and wondering how many we'll have next spring. May your plans come to fruition as well!

    One of the best things I bought for honey storage was that 85 gallon jacketed tank from Kelley's. I can gently heat the honey when necessary, prior to bottling. I'm still refining the process, but I enjoy not having to lug 5 gallon buckets around, and liquify them when they granulate.
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