Honey soda pop made with yeast caused some problems with a few members of my family, we needed a way to carbonate the honey soda pop and eliminate the use of yeast. We wanted an easier and safer way to make the soda. I had no desire to have big tanks of co2 and hoses in the kitchen.

My wife and I were in a Kitchen store at a mall and saw a Sodastream machine sitting on the shelf, the machine uses co2 to carbonate the one litre bottles of water screwed onto the machine, then you are supposed to use their pre mixed drink concentrate to make your soda to your taste.
I believe that the co2 will carbonate 60 litres of soda then you need to replace the co2 tank.

Anyhow I thought that this would be just the thing for us to try. We had no interest in purchasing the sodastream premix flavors, we wanted it for honey soda drinks.

The machine works quite well, fill a liter bottle that is provided with the machine (2 bottles come with the machine) up to the full line with cold water and then screw bottle onto the machine, push a button several times until the machine buzzes-then release the pressure and unscrew the bottle. This bottle is now carbonated.

Add a half cup of your honey and a half teaspoon of your favorite extract (root beer, orange, cream soda etc.) and screw on lid, shake this as vigorously as you can to mix the honey and flavoring into the cold carbonated water.
Shake some more

I personally think that this is a better quality product than using the yeast to cause fermentation and much more user friendly--however there is always a down side, it is more costly this way.