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    Default No Brood....?? No queen??

    Hello all,
    Inspected my hive today to place pollen patties and I pulled the top deep off (weighed about 60 or 70 lbs) inspected the lower deep as well. Lots and lots of honey but for the life of me I could not see any brood or eggs.
    The colony has been aggressive for the last couple of months. Plenty of bees.
    If the queen is lost will they replace her? or am I getting ahead of myself.
    Temperature today is 69 degrees.

    Clark (beehaver)

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    Default Re: No Brood....?? No queen??

    If the queen is dead and there are no eggs and brood they can't replace her. But if there is a queen and she has shut down for winter, if you have enough bees, you are in good shape. You will know in a few weeks just protect that drawn comb and honey they are worth a lot more than the bees.

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    Default Re: No Brood....?? No queen??

    I introduced a queen this summer but one was still in there it was a panic move new queen didnt make it.I learned a valuable lesson in beekeeping be patient and good luck.


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