Heck boys, that ain't nothing. This summer I was fishing in the Okefenokee. I was out for trophy bass so I was fishing with live minnows. The fish was biting so good that I ran out of bait. About that time I looked down and there next to my feet was one of them cottonmouth water moccasins bout 4 feet long.

Well as luck would have it that cottonmouth had a bullfrog in his mouth. Knowing the snake couldn't bite me while he had that frog in his mouth, I nabbed the snake behind the head with my left hand and reached around in front of him with my right hand and pulled the frog out of that snake's mouth to use for bait.

Now here I am with a disappointed snake in my left hand. So with my right hand I reached into my overalls bib and pulled out my hip flask. After pulling the cork with my teeth, I poured a stiff shot of Bourbon in that snakes mouth, just to calm him down. Then I flung him back into the Sewanee River.

I had only made a couple of casts with my new frog when I felt something tapping on my foot. I looked down and there was that same snake, only now he had two frogs in his mouth.