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    Default No pollen sign of being queenless

    I have read a lot of comments over the last few months saying that if the bees aren't bringing in pollen, it is a sign that the hive is queenless. Is this always true? I also was wondering at what point during the development of a queen do the bees start deciding to bring in more pollen? Do they start to bring more in while she is still in the cell, do they wait until she is an emerged virgin, or do they wait until she has returned fully mated and ready to go? I am curious because I put in a frame of eggs on October 28th, in the hopes that my queenless hive can succeed in raising a queen. The queen should be hatched out by now, and maybe just getting ready to start her mating flights if everything goes the way I want it to. Still though, I am noticing that the bees are not bringing in pollen like my other hives that are queenright. I haven't checked the hive since I put the eggs in, and don't plan on checking for another couple of weeks because I don't want to ruin anything at this stage. My only regret is not checking a week ago, just to see that they are in fact raising a queen.

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    Default Re: No pollen sign of being queenless

    >Is this always true?

    No. I've seen queenless hives and especially laying worker hives hauling pollen like there is no tomorrow. If there is no pollen a queenright hive won't be hauling any.
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