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    Default Older Kelley's Bottling tank coating

    I have an older Kelley's bottling/grocers tank I would like to use but it's galvanized.

    I do have a can of Camcote but was worried that it might not be safe as the tank is a double boiler so it would be heated. Now that tank would never really get that hot, but looking on the 'net I can't seem to find anything on camcote and heat.



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    Default Re: Older Kelley's Bottling tank coating

    me too. more or less. I'm going to call HAR Coatings Division if it keeps bugging me, inquiring minds, the number is 440 786 7185.

    I like words such as, law suit and negligence via lacking description. I also read the MSDS for several other similar products, AND the FDA 175.3, why would anyone ever put these kinds of things in contact with food. I think I read cancer about a dozen times in 2 web searches.

    Given the lack of detail we can only conclude this is another shady product produced by big business, but who knows, maybe a call to HAR will get me all the fun chemical data, to put my mind at ease, but I'm certainly not optimistic

    Oh and yea, s


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