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    I started with bees back in May and pulled my first frame of honey today.
    I need to know how to clean the wax, store the wax,sell the wax???
    How about the propel (bee glue) ? All opinions and help will be welcome
    Thank You: Radford
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    The bees will clean the wax for you if you put it on top of the hive. A solar melter produces the best wax. There are companies that buy wax and propolis but a couple frames is not worth the time.

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    Congratulations Radford! That first frame of your own honey is always the best honey in the world.

    If you only have one frame worth of wax, there will only be a relatively small amount after it is melted and filtered, not enough to make it worth your while to sell. Keep it on hand to save for uses around the house, or save the cleaned up wax until you have a larger amount to work with.


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