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    Question frames and foundation

    Anyone have any idea's on who has the best price on frames and foundation

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    Hi Ken,
    A long time ago I found that price is not the only thing that promotes me to jump on a sale. You ask for my thoughts, I can give you three pointers.
    First the quality of the wood.
    Second the type of foundation you prefer.
    The third one is the workmanship of the assembly.
    I start with Humble Abodes frames, the quality is tops
    I like the Pierco insert foundation.
    with a 3/8"X7/8" crown staple top and bottom and two 1/8"X3/4" in each end.
    always use exterior grade glue at the joins and you will have a frame the will last for years.
    Now, I will wait till someone tells me that there is better product?
    Slabaugh Apiaries.
    Promoting Better Beekeepers by sharing what works for me.

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    Default Re: frames and foundation

    W.T. Kelley has free shipping 22-23-24 November. Sometimes the shipping is more than the item. I buy all of my supplies this time of year when the free shipping is offered. Mann Lake has free shipping on orders over $100 through 31 Dec. I have used frames from several suppliers and the bees do not seem to have a preference that I can tell. I have some frames that are over 5 years old. I have changed the wax, but the frame is still good. You can make a lot of bees, in five years, with a frame.

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    Before man took over bees there was nature,it did a better job.


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