Some of us have been around long enough to remember the peanut butter that seperated-the oil came to the top of the jar and you had to stir it to mix before using.

Anyhow I got hungry for some good peanut butter so had my lover girl buy me a bag of salted peanuts to make a fresh batch.

The next batch that I make will be a bit different-learning curve-I should have chopped or ground up the whole and half peanuts into smaller particles before putting into container for final grinding, it would have sped up the process.

I need to lose a bit of weight so figured it is best to not use oil to thin the peanuts, honey was the plan instead of oil.

We have a Vita Mix but am pretty sure that a lot of food processing chopper would do the same function.

As the peanuts were being ground (chopped) up I kept squeezing in honey from the top to make it thinner in consistancy-it worked!

Did not measure anything-bag of peanuts and probably close to a quarter cup of my best honey.


I do not know how long it will be safe to keep unrefrigerated but who wants cold stiff peanut butter to try to spread on something?

I saw a slightly overripe bannana in the fruit bowl-perfect-smash up the bannana and put a heaping tablespoon of the fresh peanut butter in bowl with the mashed bannana--not too shabby!