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    Default greetings from Statesboro, Georgia

    I have been fascinated with bees since I was a little kid. I have 2 standard hives, started them last spring and have been on the learning curve. I did harvest some honey, which is fantastic.

    I've been researching as much as I can about top bar hives; they make perfect sense. This winter I plan on building two or three.

    My most satisfying hobby is playing acoustic guitar, but beekeeping is getting more and more fascinating. My wife is calls the bees, " the bee bodies" as in "How are the bee bodies doing?" She is also very interested in them. Tons of information on the web about so much. Looking forward to reading through some posts and getting as much instant wisdom as I can.

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    Default Re: greetings from Statesboro, Georgia

    Welcome, I am sure the bees will not mind a little guitar music.


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