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    Re: DWV? Need Advice

    We use double deeps with one medium for winter stores... before making splits we add a second medium to the number of colonies that we will split, then use it to top the split. Thats it... now that doesnt mean that we have treated ALL of our hives this way or anything else... We have not needed to treat at all for quite a few years actually.

    We do not extract at all anymore... sticky mess. lol. We used to sell semi loads to kellogs and nebisco each year. When I was young I stayed sticky from frost to frost. lol. Now we just focus more on continuing genetic research and providing the best queens that we can to help further our industry.

    I hope you dont take any offense to this back and forth stuff...

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    Default Re: DWV? Need Advice

    First, let me say I try to be respectful of others' attempts to keep bees. Sometimes folks say things that I find so wrong that I have to speak up. It;s only after a lifetime of trial and error...failure and success that I have opinions.

    So, to clarify what I said Deknow...about the natural, TBH, alternative movement. When someone proposes an alternavive method of beekeeping and shows some degree of success, I listen. I would be a fool not to.

    But, when all I hear is BS, opinionated, unsubstantionated bologna, I react.

    Now let me give an example. One of the talks at the Leominster conference really offended me. It was about all those nasty, immoral (my words) beekeepers who use Langstroth hives. The speaker went on and on about how the Lang hives are destroying the bees we all know and love. He calls them "Factory" hives. He said we are forcing our bees to live in an unnatural condition. Keeping them as slaves...if you will. Making them work in an unnatural way to produce 50 gallons of honey each.

    Does he really believe that the bees actually care or if it actually matters? I almost raised my hand to say that if a beehive setup would increase my per hive honey production to 50 gallons per colony...then bring it on! Instead I bit my tongue.

    Beginning beekeepers are like sponges. They absorb information like blotter paper, but can't properly digest it. They have no way to judge or compare or evaluate what they hear. I would say a number walked away thinking evil way, no how, never.

    I find it distressing how agriculture has changed over the last couple decades. It used to be community based. Now it's gone corporate. The community has been divided. The corporatate agriculturists have found ways to divide and conquer.

    I feel beekeeping is one sector of agriculture that has the chance to maintain that community. Let's not blow it.

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