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    Default Found SHB Larvae on mite drop board

    Was checking my mite drop and found what I think may have been about a dozen SHB larvae on the drop board. They were only there one time (it was greased), haven't seen any others. I didn't see any slime or honey or anything on the board. I'm planning to try and get a full inspection done on the hive this weekend, but until them I'm left wondering if I have a problem or if this is hygienic behavior and somewhat normal. I haven't really seen any SHB at all this year, but last year saw a few when opening up the hive for inspections.
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    Default Re: Found SHB Larvae on mite drop board

    SHB larvae and Wax moth larva can look very similar. They can be the same size and both have 3 sets of prolegs along their front end. The moth larva unlike the SHB have sets of legs along the entire length of its body. They can be seen with a magnifying lens. The SHB larvae is also a little hard to squish. The bees can be removing the young moth larvae from the comb, so it's a good thing. Or they could be SHB larva dropping out of the hive to pupate. I've had both showing up on my sticky boards. I'll try to find some pictures.


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