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    Default No queen-what to do going into winter

    Upon setting up hive top fall feeding I found a hive with only 4-5 frames of bees, no larvae, and no eggs. My other hives have some eggs/larva, i.e., signs of a queen. I'm in Westport, ct. Can I get a queen and get her settled by winter? I didn't see any drones in any of my three hives, but I wasn't looking. Any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Default Re: No queen-what to do going into winter

    I would combine the queenless hive with the weaker of the other queen right hives.

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    Default Re: No queen-what to do going into winter

    i got a queen from a local larger operation. He was combining wearker colonies with stronger ones and i had a colony with no queen. I am doubtful that it will make the winter even if they accept the queen but i figured it was worth a shot as a hobbiest. My other hives are all strong and no reason to combine this hive in to any of them so figured i would give them a shot on their own. I had laying workers ( i think) and about 5 days ago i gave them a frame of brood from one of the other hives. I had heard this might help shut down the laying workers and when i went in today it seemed as it had as i was not able to find any eggs at all in it today. I put the cage in and the girls didn't seem to get excited about it. I figure i'll go in tomorrow and take a peak. If they aren't trying to ball the cage i'll poke a small hole in the candy, if they are balling it.... not sure where i'll go with it, seat of the pants at that time i guess.
    not much help to you i guess other than to know someone else is in the same boat, that and i wanted to tag along this thread to see how you make out.
    Scott Stackhouse


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