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    Default No Stores and Not Eating

    I have a hive that I can't seem to understand. The deeps have a bunch of pollen and very little honey. The brood pattern is weak but we are in mid-October in New England and it has been cold and wet for a couple weeks. I still think I should have requeened.

    I have mason jar feeders in a empty super and they are not touching it. They need to start storing food and they are not.

    I just finished the last apiguard treatment due to very high mite counts. The hive is currently mite free on the IPM board.

    What gives?

    I have six hive and the three with nery low natural mite counts and gulping syrup and the three with apiguard are very slow. The one I mentioned above has stopped feed all together.

    I feed with apiguard on the hives because I needed to the hives were light.

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    Default Re: No Stores and Not Eating

    you may have nosema. if you have hbh you can mix it with your sugar syrup and sprinkle it directly into the cells the bees are on. this will sometimes get them to start feeding. i would give them fumagilin-b with hbh for the winter.

    is the brood patern shotgun (maney empty cells scatered throughout the brood) if so you may have a bad queen. try the hbh and see if it straightens out. you may have a poor queen. good luck.


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