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    Default trap out comin' home- when to inspect?

    As the title says, I brought home a trap out, been over a week with no activity out of the cone, two weeks ago I got a visual on eggs and a queen in the trap out NUC box. I robbed it several times during the process, but two weeks ago or so I left three frames of drawn comb/bees/stores. Brought it home tonight, put some leaves in front of the entrance, reduced it by half, and am anxious to look inside.

    Should I wait and let the bees orient to the new yard, or is it ok to inspect tomorrow?

    My logic is, if they are 5 frames full, then I'd transfer to a ten frame- new foundation , but we still have some flow going here with golden rain tree and brazillian pepper. November Loquat blooms- but not sure that's anything big. I'm suburban so we've got ornamental blooms provided our winter isn't as nasty as last years. Plus, I plan to keep some syrup on them to help them out.

    One year beek', up to 4 hives now, counting this trap out. They say bees don't bite, but the bugs have bitten me...
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    Default Re: trap out comin' home- when to inspect?

    Pop the lid and look in! They don't leave because you look into the hive. See how strong they are and go from there.


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