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Thread: Disappointed

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    I kinda agree and dissagree with Beecourious.

    A jar of honey is a small price to pay, even if it means "this is what you could have had", and you have to write it off. I dubt it can be negative in any way.

    I understand that he does not want people running around at his property, disturbing his privacy. But he might have a back-road that he would not mind you using, or that you came after sending an SMS or something like that.

    The way I see this, it seems like he is some sort of self-made business man who sees your wish to place hives as just another person who wants freebees.

    But then again, I also agree with D Coates. It might just be one of those persons you don't want in your life. But as you talked to him, you know if he is such a person or not. Or if it was the way you approached him(as an assumed seller?). If he had a rough day. Or even the way it's portrayed in your writing.

    With these person-chemistry things, it's hard to know without being there.

    BTW: As a reply to the "what's in it for me" the answer should have been, without hesitation - honey. If he does not like honey, you would still have shown your willingness to offer a return.

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    How big is Texas? I would hazard a guess that there are plenty of landowners that are receptive to the idea of having bees on their property. One 80 acre crop of sunflowers does not make or break a beekeeping enterprise. Leave the guy alone and try elsewhere.

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