Went to check on two of my top bar hives today. Added a quart of sugar syrup to one yesterday and left a partial quart in the hive for them to clean out. Planned on just pulling this jar out today.

Took a look at hive 2 and noticed a large amount of dead yellow jackets on the ground and lots of drones that had been kicked out. This hive is packed full, no more room to expand. Activity seemed normal. I looked down at my shoe and saw a bee crawling on it. Took a close look and found her to have deformed wings. I found a total of 3 like this.

Bee in the following photo has sugar stuck to her. I took 2 bees home in the empty sugar syrup jar. Seems they got a bit sticky in the jar.

I obviously overlooked early signs of a problem. Hive is packed full of bees and they seem to be going strong. Last check of brood pattern indicated a solid pattern is a smaller brood area as the bees started to fill things up with honey. Time to dig back in and check things out.