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    Default Re: Will they cap honey in October? In Maine?

    @Matt - I'm confused, are you using sugar or candy?

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    Default Re: Will they cap honey in October? In Maine?

    Well, back to my initial question about capping the honey this late into the season, the girls seemed to have capped most of the honey in the top supers since I first posted and I pulled them today. A few frames were filled but still mostly uncapped. I put those in some other new hives that still had some undrawn frames to give them a boost.

    Re: filling the combs with syrup and putting them back in the brood boxes, I mentioned in another thread that I proposed immersing the frames in a tub of syrup and using vibration to help break the surface tension that usually prevents simple immersion from filling the cells.

    I bought a big storage tub and fastened an electric hand sander to the side with duct tape. I haven't given it a good test yet, but I did try an initial run. I only hada couple drawn frames available to try so the best I could do was pour some syrup into the bin, put the frames in and turn it on. Of course the frames would float up on their side, but with some prodding and turning, they seemed to take on some syrup. I only let it run for a couple of minutes since the contraption was very loud running in my kitchen.

    As soon as I get aroundto extracting the frames I pullled today, I'm going to give the idea a decent testing. I'm going to make a metal frame to fit inside to hold and lock the frames in their normal position and to keep them from floating around.

    The reason I mention this now is in case someone wants to run with the idea. I call it the Waynesgarden (TM) method.

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    Default Re: Will they cap honey in October? In Maine?

    Andrew, I use the candy boards. It is candy. SOrry for the confusion.


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