I'm supposed to apply the second tray of Apiguard (thymol) today, but some of the hives I treated two weeks ago look like this - bees hanging out all over the front, and down to the ground! Since the temps here are going to be in the 80s the next couple days, I'm afraid of driving them right out of the hives. Temps will be in the 60s next week - should I wait until then? Also, the 1.5" spacers I used doesn't seem to be enough - I will put an empty super on top.

I suspect the hives are so congested because I had to remove the honey supers before applying Apiguard, and it's a tough fit to go from 3-5 extra supers on top back down to two brood boxes. Any thoughts?

(tried to post a photo of the overflowing hives, but can't seem to attach it)