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    Default Any good woodworkers out there?

    Looking to trade new beekeeping equipment for the skills of good woodworker or talented beekeeper. I'd like a handcrafted horizontal hive with the following specs:

    10" deep
    48" long (long enough to hold 33 to 34 standard frames)
    19 7/8" wide

    solid pine or cypress, no plywood please

    single bottom entrance

    rabbeted for 7 1/4" langstroth frames

    1 - follower board for colony management

    don't worry about covers, I have plenty


    Complete beehive, brand new, fully assembled, recently purchased from Betterbee for $219.00

    This is a standard 10 frame Langstroth beehive.

    Totally assembled, brand new, and ready for bees.

    Includes the following:

    1 - Outer cover / telescoping cover, wood frame with protective aluminum cover, assembled

    1 - Inner cover / crown board, wood, assembled

    1 - Deep super, all wood, assembled

    2 - Medium supers, all wood, assembled

    10 - Deep frames, wood frames with Rite Cell foundation, assembled

    20 - Medium frames, wood frames with Rite Cell foundation, assembled

    1 - Slatted rack, all wood, assembled

    1 - Bottom board, all wood, assembled

    I'm willing to travel to Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Payson or Prescott to make the trade.

    I've wanted to experiment with a horizontal hive for quite some time, but don't possess the tools or skills to make my own horizontal hive. Thanks for the interest...

    James Nulick

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    Default Re: Any good woodworkers out there?

    Howdy James,
    I'm here in Tucson, and I'd be happy to make that trade. Several years ago I made myself a similar hive, but with deep frames and it holds 22 frames. I switched it from bottom entrance to top, a few years ago, by pushing a piece of #8 hardware cloth in the bottom entrance and sliding a cover over to one side. You can PM me for my cell phone number and I'll discuss it with you, if you'd like.

    BTW I design and build most of my own equipment, see --> My plans on Google SketchUp.
    48 years - 50 hives - TF
    Joseph Clemens -- Website Under Constructioni

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    Default Re: Any good woodworkers out there?

    Thanks Joseph, that would be great. What type of wood would you be using for my hive, and when would you want to make the trade? I live in Phoenix, but I can drive down to Tucson to meet with you & make the trade.

    If you want to see pics of what my hive looks like, I posted an ad on craigslist (phoenix) last month, here's the link:

    I'll PM you this afternoon, headed off to work now!


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    Re: Any good woodworkers out there?

    I found a beekeeper in Tucson who is willing to trade with me. Thank you, Mr. Clemens. See you in a week or so!

    PS. I'm really looking forward to my custom-made horizontal hive!

    -- James


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