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    Default Want to buy 5-10 lbs honeycomb!

    Seriously, no one around here seems to sell just plain honeycomb. Its all packed chunk-style and I go thru that little strip a LOT faster than I do the rest of the honey.

    Didn't get anything from my bees since I started in June, and I'm looking for a few pounds to hold me over till next summer.

    Please PM me if you have a few pounds you're willing to ship out. Last time I bought some was 2 states away in Amish country--1lb for $10. Not sure what the going price is, but I'm willing to discuss it, especially if you have flavor varieties I can try!

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    Default Re: Want to buy 5-10 lbs honeycomb!

    Tara I have some white dutch comb honey, ex white and mild in flavor. Price depends on how you want it packed..the 4x4 boxes are about .80 cents ea. If you want it in them I can sell it to you for 6.00 ea plus shipping. made and located inky


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