We are looking for a hard working person to work in our beekeeping operation in Ventura County, CA. Basic English required, but Spanish speakers do not need to be fluent in English. Experience preferred but not necessary. We have about 700 colonies on a working avocado farm and we go to the almonds, pollinate avocados, and want to migrate our bees to make honey next year.

We need someone who can help with feeding, medicating, divides / splits, equipment assembly, finding and securing locations to spread our bees, driving, etc.

We prefer someone already in the US and somewhat local so a cross country relocation is not necessary.

Wage can be based on experience. If it works out we could provide a trailer for basic housing.

We would like to find somebody who if it works out would like to be somewhere long term.

Please PM me if interested and provide information on your location and relevant experience, how many colonies you can manage, wage requirements / expectations, etc.

Green Valley Apiary
Ventura County, CA