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    Default feral comb and honey

    sorry if this has been discussed before. i have done two very large removals both ending up with with a couple of hundred pounds of comb and honey plus brood, some really old and new comb. because of the structure, the first one was relatively easy to keep separate. the second was almost impossible. did get some pretty new white comb out of the end and kept it separate
    my question is should i try to recover the honey from the old comb mixed with wax moths and brood, and if not what should i do with it? i was concerned about letting my bees have it. not positive how safe it is.
    i have read several threads on methods of processing honey/comb. any suggestions?
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    Default Re: feral comb and honey

    not positive how safe it is.
    When in doubt throw it out and if you dont want the bees to have it burry it.
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    Default Re: feral comb and honey

    If you want to refeed it, feed it to the bees it came from. if it is in the comb they have it anyway. use a candy board or shallow super over a solid inner cover, and keep opening it up to inspect it and add or remove comb as needed. This will help reduce the chance of them trying to build comb up there. And make sure they have plenty of room inside the hive for them, if they are crowded, they will still try to build up there in the "cavity". and make sure there is no brood in it, or they will still try to build around it.
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