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    I got a little cocky and figured that I could change out a syrup feeder without protection, I took a number of hits on the hand and ankle, that was the last time I figured that I was bullet proof.

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    Default Re: Dedicated thread - Pics of bee stings

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    Last year during a removal I was stung 42 times in the inside of the arms through my suit. These pictures were an hour after. I always put Sting Ease on my bites. The next day all you could see was puncture marks. Those dang bees wouldn't stop.

    Took one beneath the eye once and it turned out later it looked like I was punched in the head, whites of the eye even turned red.

    Another time I was bit through my net into the bridge of the nose, boy did that hurt. Worse thing was 5 minutes later I was bit again in the same spot. Brought tears to my eyes.

    Another time a few that bit me under the chin. I looked like a had a triple chin for a week.

    Last one was I was hiving bees a year ago at midnight and dang if it turned out I had to go. I walked a ways away and waited as long as I could and boy they still found me!!!!

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