We're still capturing swarms and performing extractions. (If its us or raid, we'll collect them even this late in the season). When I box a small colony, I give them a brood board with honey and brood to get started. But until they're settled in their new home, they seem to be unable to defend against ants.

I stopped using sidefeeders (I've renamed them Ant magnets) and went to entryway feeders, but the ants simply shifted their attetion to the comb. I built a platform with 4X4 legs and put tanglefoot around them , but the ants just keep sending troops until they can just walk over their dead to get to the box. I placed ant traps that have helped a little, but I want them all dead. I don't want to use powder that can be tracked into the hive and kill off my bees or contaminate their honey.

Is there anything on the market for this? A home remedy? Any ideas would be appreciated.