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Thread: SHB Attack

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    I lost 2 hives this summer due to SHB, can anyone help me with some questions?
    #1 Should I move from the area where the two hives were kept?

    #2 Can any of my hive components be reused?

    I'm just getting started back in the bee world!

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    well if your hives are in the shade move them into full sun. And yes you can reuse all your frames. if you have plactic foundation just scrap the bad wax off and the bees will redraw it. i would get you some beetle barns they will help you can get them from rossmans good luck i live in gulfport ms if you have any ?s call 1-601-916-0779 i will try to help
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    Moving probably wont help, but placing the hives in full sun (all day) will. Boxes can be re-used so can wood frames after being scraped and cleaned with new foundation put in them, or if plastic scrape off the old wax. There are a lot of different traps, techniques, etc to help control usually takes several down here in the south to keep them at bay. Good luck, dont give up keep trying, there are solutions to the problems.
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