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Thread: Q: Wax Moths

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    Question Q: Wax Moths

    Went to check on one of my stronger hives today...

    I pulled a couple foundationless frames that they built out into drone cells. I figured I'd check the drones for varroa since I don't want the drones anyway.

    So I scratch open a couple cells and out pops some wax moth larva's. Least that's what I'm assuming, it was one larva about 1inch long per cell. Looks like the videos on youtube.

    Had about 3 on a medium frame out of about 3-500 drone cells. Didn't see any varroa thankfully, but the larva popping out surprised me a little bit.

    Should I be concerned? 1 deep, 3 mediums.. Full of bees...


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    Default Re: Q: Wax Moths

    Reduce entrance and you should be good to go. What you have going on will be cleaned up by your girls providing your boxes are packed full of bees. Sometimes a moth will sneak in and lay some eggs and they will hatch into larvae before the bees get it cleaned up. The larvae do a excellent job of hiding in the comb as they chew through it.



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