Last night I did a full inspection on both TBH's. Both of these are first year hives using packages. I walked away pleased with both of them. The first hive has 10 bars of brood/eggs and 7 full bars of honey. It also has about a 2 inch band of honey on the top of each brood bar. The second hive has 8 bars of brood/eggs with about 7-8 bars of honey and again the 2 inch band at the top of the brood bars. I would really like to NOT feed them if I don't have to but I will to keep them from starving if needed.
That sets up my questions.
What are your thought regarding the food stores of these hives? Is there enough honey to get through the winter? Also, the brood area is FULL. There are very few empty cells. Should I add an empty bar?