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    Default Another rattlesnake thread

    Or, don't mess with little old ladies from Wisconsin.

    I think True Temper should give her an endorsement deal!

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    Default Re: Another rattlesnake thread

    Cool story reminds me or another true story. An old rancher who was a neighbor of my brother and sister in law had a similar story, except that rattlesnakes are very common in their area. One day he was out fixing fence and he felt something tap his boot. A small rattler was trying to strike him, but didn't quite penetrate the boot leather. He immediately killed the snake by stomping on it with his boots since he didn't really have anything better handy to kill it with at the moment. The joke went around that he was so tough... a snake bit him and the snake died!

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    Default Re: Another rattlesnake thread

    Timber rattler... the east side of WI may not have them, but the west side does. The far NW side of IL we had and still have plenty of them. We run into them on my Mom's farm, especially the babies. The ones on her farm.. you darn near have to stand on them before they rattle and that is rather unnerving. The farm house is extremely old and has a root cellar made out of stone.. and due to the snakes.. rarely entered (have to get into it from outside the house). There is also a bull snake that lives *in* the house.


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