one of my two hives has had trouble keeping up with their neighbors, and finally succumbed when the wax moths tore their home up. Nasty, nasty things. Anyways, my question: What do I need to do with this woodenware to get it ready for bees next year? Are the frames still good to reuse? I figure scraping out all the larvae and cocoons is a no brainer, but what else should I be doing? Should all my wax go into the trash/melter? or is it salvageable? Some frames are nearly waxless, while some look like they could be reused. On a positive note, my other hive has just some shb, but have their two deeps packed full and are filling up their sixth super for this season. the shb count has risen since this other hive perished; my theory is that the beetles just moved next door when the wax moths moved in. But the girls are still fighting the good fight, and the numbers in the still living hive are pretty impressive. Thanks ya'll