I was giving a very general description of my hives' condition after a couple years having varroa mites. If you want more specifics I would be happy to give them, such as what I meant when I stated my bees still are producing "lots of honey". First of all, I don't have the slightest idea what the average honey production is for my state or area, where would you find that information? I'm sure you realize that honey crops can vary considerably from one part of a state to another part of the same state due to differences in weather, types and quantities of forage, etc. Even if I did know what my state average was, what would that mean to my operation, seriously? And what if I fell short of the state average, does that automatically mean that I have a mite problem that is going to be terminal? Of course not, there are many factors that affect a honey crop. So, what does "lots of honey" mean to me, well, I am on track to do better this year than last, so far about a 60 lb. average on my overwintered hives, and I expect I will harvest another medium super at least from now till the end of the goldenrod and aster bloom. My bees are not located out in the open country, or in agricultural areas, so I think they are doing very well considering the forage available to them. How much better could I have done without any mites, who in the world knows that answer.

You have been around this forum long enough to know that there are many, many treatment free beekeepers who are JUST AS SUCCESSFUL as those who treat, so don't be so quick to say we are doomed to failure. John