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    Default Ontario honey label laws

    Does anyone know if Ontario honey needs the nutrition facts on the label like
    maple syrup needed since 2008? All I can find on the gov site is the other
    things that have to be on a label , weight, class, producer name etc. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Ontario honey label laws

    From what I've seen, it isn't a requirement. When you buy containers like the white/blue 500g/1kg containers, it has the nutritional content on it. But plenty of small-time people still package in glass or other containers... and only have to put the name/address/class etc info on the label.

    Have you tried contacting the OBA? I know there are discussions on labelling/packaging requirements going on right now.

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    Default Re: Ontario honey label laws

    I would imagine that Ontario, if not already will require food nutrition labels on honey. Manitoba made a law two or so years ago for any processed food sold, including honey. It is not strickly enforced at farmers markets or craft sales. That said, you can go to the Canadian honey council's web site and there they have a nutrtition facts label you can down load and take to a printers. Facts labels sizes depend on your jar area size and by law have to be a specific size and not bent around corners or on the bottom of containers.
    As for other label requirements for honey...check with CFIA. If you are inspected you are required to grade and color you honey, as well, you are required to have it lotted and have paperwork in place to trace your lots. Your label also requires your address. The grade and color must also be a certain font size, depending on your jar size
    here is a link for the CFIA regulations. It is easy to put together if you want to go that route. In a couple of years it will be either CFIA or C-bisque which you will need to be registered.


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