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    Sad many dead bees and unusual behavior

    I need some help on trying to determine what is going on. I got 2 - 5 frame nucs installed may 22. one is fine, one slow and weak from beginning.

    noticed hive beetles within a couple of weeks and intalled screened bottom board with beetle trap. Weaker hive got a couple of beetles in trap and few larvae of something ( not sure whether it was beetle wax moth larvae- I think some of both) have kept trap in place all summer and have not had any evidence of SHB or any larvae.
    I am very concerned about slow growth of hive and have contacted company I got nucs from several times and they have not offered any solutions to help. they only suggest feeding sugar water.
    Finally, as it is getting so late in season, august 6 added second brood box to weaker hive. One weak later I took a frame of brood from the stronger hive and installed in the weaker on to help increase bee population. I have been feeding sugar water pretty frequently all summer and have stepped that up a bit in past couple of weeks, We have had 95 -100 degree days for 2 solid months and very little rain.

    since adding second hive box started getting many dead bees on the ground at entrance of hive has dramatically increased in past 2 days. several bees on the ground that are obviously in distress. exhibiting very strange behavior. they are struggling, severe shaking, turn round in circles-buzzing- and fall over on back. struggle to get upright and continue this. wings and bodies look normal, I do not see any mites on the bees that are behaving this way.

    on 8-6-10 added a super using super frames that were used to extract honey last year with comb left intact.-today bees are starting to work on those frames.

    hive box was new, had 5 new frames and 4 frames that were in hive I lost to a mouse last year. these 4 frames had been stored in freezer since april. they were partially drawn out and some had pollen in cells. I did not completely clean old frames-nuc supplier told me it would be okay to leave the comb and pollen for new bees to clean up and use and they said storing in freezer would kill anything harmful to bees.

    I am looking for anyone who can help me determine what is going on and what to do to correct it. Please if anyone can offer some advice-I would appreciate it.

    I am also very concerned about hive strength for winter. I am concerned they will not be strong enough to keep hive warm nor have enough honey stored.

    after reading many posts i am concerned about poison from the old frames I used? Except for the fact that I used 4 of the old frames in the second hive box put on the stronger hive installed about first of july on that hive and did not have this problem.
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