I did a mite count on my 7 hives (3 are new swarms this summer), and the established hives had a mite drop count that was around 20 or more per day. These are very large, congested, packed full to the brim hives with at least 5 shallow and medium supers on top of 2 deep boxes. I had been using powdered sugar and drone traps with excellent results up until July when the number of supers on top made it too hard to break down the hive.

My reference books offer different threshold levels before using a treatment. One says anything over 10 a day requires treatment, but another says 50 a day is acceptable before emergency treatment. I am NOT one who plans on no treatment, but would like to wait until early to mid-September when I will pull all the supers to extract.

I was thinking I'd pull them apart to powder sugar the brood boxes in the hopes that that would help hold off any other treatment until September. Then I'm considering using Apiguard (thymol) or a formic acid treatment.

Any thoughts as to whether this is a reasonable plan?