I was able to attend EAS in boone and I thought I would share my notes on SHB.

Dr. Mike Hood from Clemson University conducted a study comparing two Small Hive Beetle traps (SHB). The Hood beetle trap (a bit self serving) and the Freeman trap. The Hood trap is a small box that mounts on a frame with an attractant that kills the beetles. The Hood trap was modified so it would be even with the frame top bar. The Freeman trap mounts under the hive and uses used vegetable oil in this case to kill the beetles.



There were multiple apiaries with hives and traps and control hives with no traps so the test was conducted in a scientifically correct manner over a 4-7 week interval.

Both traps caught beetles and the counts were fairly close.

At the end of the test all hives were shaken out and the beetles remaining in the hive were counted.

Freeman trap had 50 beetles remaining.
Hood trap had 70 beetles remaining.
The CONTROL hives had 80 beetles remaining.

Dr. Hood’s conclusion was that trapping beetles MAY attract more beetles.

Another test is under way with the Freeman trap, Hood trap and Better Beetle Blaster trap.
Reported Thursday August 5th at the 2010 Eastern Apiculture Society meeting in Boone, NC.