Hello. I want to buy a water jacketed bottling tank but I'm not sure what size to get. I was thinking I'd want a bigger tank maybe a 42 gallon Maxant or maybe a 55 gallon Mann lake and keeping a lot of honey warm, say around 85 degrees F. to delay crystalization but someone was telling me I'd be better off with a smaller tank and heating only what I thought I could sell in the immediate future and only when it needed to be decrystalized, he said he thought it would be better for the honey to heat it only once when it needed it than to keep it warm for a prolonged period. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? I sell honey at farmers markets and I want to keep the new honey harvested around the first of August liquid through October, after that I don't care if it crystalizes and I would only decrystalize it in small amounts as I needed it. Thanks for any input anybody might have.