My one and only hive has had lots of bees that seem unable to fly lately. After orientation there can be 75-100 of them wandering around on the deck (where the hive is). Most are trying to fly, but can't. I don't find many dead bees at all.

Their wings appear perfectly normal. (occasionally some will seem small to me, but still well formed.) I usually go out and pick up all that I can and put them back up on the deck so they can get in the hive before dark. They are happy for the lift. Yesterday I found one mite on one of the flightless girls. This is the first presence of mites that I have seen. They also have some SHBs.

This is from a Russian nuc. that i started on June 19. They just began this non-flying thing 3 weeks ago. They are not really booming. they are still in on deep super with no real honey stores.

I am going to do a full inspection today. Any ideas on what this could be and what I should be looking for?