Tansy....a plant used in the old days stuffed into mattresses, hung on windowsills to repel bugs. It wards off ants, Japanese beetles and potato bugs.


I'm gathering some this weekend to start an experiment on my two infested SHB hives. I will also be seeing if it works on varroa. It may or may not work on my hives in my area but that doesnt mean it may or may not work somewhere else. Drug companies test their products on people, males, females, children, in different geographic areas, different ethnic groups, rich poor, different age groups to find a common answer or a niche where the drug may work. I'm posting to see if others out there would be willing to give it a try. For example: it might work better in arid climates than humid climates, better with Carni's, Russians than Italians, better fumigated or in a smoker or ground up and sprinkled....you get the picture.

Any feedback from trying this out is appreciated!!