I went last weekend to harvest honey from 2 of my hives and to my surprise one hive had moths fly out as I opened the lid the worms and moths where everywhere in the brood, medium and small ruined the whole hive.

I checked the hive for a queen she was gone. so I took the hive apart and took the frames stuck them in a trash bag and froze them to kill the worms. the rest of the bees went to the hive next to theirs and I didn't see them fighting with the hive they were going into, so was this the right thing to do and what do I do with all these frames destroyed and froze?

My second problem was I went to harvest from the second hive and found brood in all the honey. I had a queen excluder and a medium it looked like most of the brood is spotted and drone cells but just enough to screw up the honey could the queen from the moth ridden hive escape to the hive next to hers and climb in the top opening and lay eggs??? I looked for a queen above the excluder didnt see one.

I'm confused and dont have a lot of experience could some one help?