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    Default Swarm trap adventure

    I guess I need a stronger bungee cord to hold up the trap... I get a call at work from one of my teenage sons telling me a swarm has descended upon a trap in my backyard. I told them to grab the video camera and capture it. Well, they were not comfortable doing this but did anyway. They also need to sharpen their video-taking skills, but you will get the idea. Also, please excuse the expletive as they realized what happened....

    In the end, I made it home from work and managed to get them hived in spite of what happened. All's well....

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    Default Re: Swarm trap adventure

    So, right when hes walking out there that bungee popped loose ? Glade he didn't get right up under it !

    Still funny as all get out! "Your Bee Thingy Just Fell Down"

    Glade you were about to get them in a box!

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    Default Re: Swarm trap adventure

    That was a huge swarm, glad you got them. The one says in the movie " don't be a hero" then boom. Good video, still laughing. I'm glad they were all right too !! I love happy endings....
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