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    Default Wasps that are not yellowjackets

    Pre-bee beginner here. I plan to get a couple of beehives in the spring, so am doing all the learning I can now. We live in a rural area, and have a lot of wasps around our house. They are not yellowjackets, but are mostly paper wasps, with a few black-faced wasps. I've been looking to see what sort of problems we might expect with robbing or attacking of the hives, and mostly people talk about yellowjackets. For the purposes of beekeeping, are all wasps equivalent, or are yellowjackets more aggressive? Should I start working on population control now, before we get the hives?

    Thanks for any thoughts you might have!

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    Default Re: Wasps that are not yellowjackets

    They can all cause problems to weak hives. Not a big concern where I live even though we have the wasps, & hornets.

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    Default Re: Wasps that are not yellowjackets

    Strong hives defend themselves well. If you start having problems,,,reduce the entrance so your bees can keep them out.. The wasps and hornets play a role in insect population control. IMO,,I wouldn't bother them unless they became a problem for you.
    Good luck

    Rick SoMd

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    Default Re: Wasps that are not yellowjackets

    I use permanently reduced entrances, and the only time I ever get a wasp problem is when they get into a weak hive somewhere away from the entrance.
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