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Thread: Giving up

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    Teebo - do you take either American Bee Journal or Bee Culture Maganizes?

    There have been letters in both from a fellow that is using lexan covers for SHB control. Seems to work pretty well for him so far.....???? He has some updated info in the August issue of ABJ - he's given his name and e-mail - Stephen Homewood from FL e-mail: It might be worth contacing him.

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    I will try to explain what I use for Small Hive Beetles and it works very well for me. First buy a sandwich container from Walmart. They are marked Wonder Bread Next take the top from any spray can and cut it so itwill fit inside the container. Glue it in the center Next put cidar vingar in the center of the cap. Then drill several 3/16 holes around the edge below the lid. Put vegetable oil in the container .You will need to put a spacer between the super and the body. Set the container on top of your body . The beetles will smell the cidar vingar but will drown in the oil . I will post a picture later.Also I don't have any problem with the beetles if the hive sets in the irect sud with no shade


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