First year beekeeper here so I'm not sure what this means. Did a complete inspection on one of my hives last night and there's no brood and no eggs. I went through this hive bar by bar. I have 7 complete bars of honey and there are 11 bars that were for brood. These brood bars have about a 2 or 3" band of capped honey at the top of each. I DID find the queen on my inspection and she looked healthy and was moving around like she always has. The bees all look healthy and there are alot of them. Each frame I pulled was pretty much covered with bees and they were festooning heavily in the storage area, I assume to build more comb for storage? The bees were very calm and I worked through the hive with no smoke and no gloves and not only didn't get stung but they didn't seem too worried. Usually when I do a big inspection they start pinging of my veil a bit and they really didn't do much of that.
Do I have a bad queen? Until now there has always been alot of brood. I know that they slow down laying during different parts of the year, but isn't this beyond "slowing down"?

Should I replace the queen?